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E Cig Reviews – What Are Smokers Saying About Electronic Cigarettes?

If you’re interested in smoking electronic cigarettes in favor of regular cigarettes, you should first read e cig reviews. No, we’re not talking about reviews on specific brands. We’re talking about the experience of e-cig smokers in general. Why? Because at the end of the day, electronic cigarettes are really not like regular cigarettes in that there is no tobacco involved, although you can smoke tobacco-flavored cartridges. So, what are users saying about this product? In this article, we will give you a summary of the different e-cig reviews.

In general, the consensus is that it doesn’t quite taste like regular cigarettes. This is probably due to the fact that you don’t burn cigarette leaves when you smoke. Instead, when you smoke an e-cig, you are actually vaporizing liquid nicotine. And there in lies the difference.

A starter kit features the electronic cigarette stick, battery charger and several cartridge packs. The e-cig stick itself is composed of three parts – battery, vaporizer, and the cartridge containing the liquid nicotine and flavor. The good thing about e-cigarettes is that they come in different flavors. While tobacco and menthol are the most obvious flavors, you can actually buy cartridges in different fruit flavors as well as vanilla and cinnamon. Because of their different flavors, there are some smokers who are wont to say that e-cigs are more hookah than real cigarettes, which really isn’t a bad thing considering that hookah smokes are more flexible and, dare we say, fun than cigarettes.

While they used to be on the fringes of the smoking habit, more and more cigarette smokers are switching to e-cigarettes for several reasons. They’re cheap, more fun and less bad for you health.
When we say cheap, we do mean it: smoking e-cigs cost less to maintain than normal tobacco. Most smokers would spends more or less $200 per month on regular cigarettes. With e-cigs, however, you will only be set back by 60 to 80 dollars for the starter kit and then 30 to 40 dollars per month for cartridges. That’s cheap by anyone’s standards.

But in addition to their cheapness (and we don’t mean that in a bad way), e-cigs are gaining favor because smokers can manage the volume of nicotine they smoke everyday. The cartridges come in various strengths – light, regular and strong. It is possible to lessen your nicotine intake just by choosing cartridges with low nicotine content.

Aside from the different nicotine levels, e-cig fans are quick to point out that e-cigs are exciting in that they come in different flavors. If you think cigarette and menthol flavors are boring, you can always smoke fruit flavors, and cinnamon and vanilla flavors. If you wish to know of the full-breadth of e-cigarette flavors, just search for it on Google.

Are e-cigs better for your health than regular cigarettes? In a few words, that really depends. Just because they don’t contain any tar, it doesn’t automatically mean there’s no threat in smoking them. Health experts have not even identified how ingesting vaporized nicotine may affect your health. In addition, health experts are concerned that manufacturers are not being honest on what substances go into manufacturing the cartridges.

That said, you should smoke e-cigs in moderation, especially if you’re using high nicotine cartridges. Whenever possible, you should use them like pocket-sized hookas, where you basically just enjoy the flavor and not getting a nicotine fix.

Anyway, before you buy e-cigs, be sure to compare prices with at least three online stores so you’re getting the best price.