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Discover the Benefits of an E Cigarette

There are many people who are addicted to smoking that would like to break the habit. Since the surgeon general issued a dramatic health warning on the dangers of cigarettes decades ago, we all know that smoking is dangerous. However, breaking a chemical addiction can be quite difficult. The invention of the e cigarette is providing a way for millions of smokers to finally rid themselves of this nasty habit.

An e cigarette is a device that looks a lot like a normal cigarette. Instead of being rolled from tobacco, it is a cigarette shaped delivery device, often made from plastic. Each device holds a disposable nicotine liquid, sometimes called an e liquid, as well as a rechargeable battery.

When someone inhales on the device, several things happen. First, an electronic current is applied to the liquid forcing a portion of it to be vaporized. As a result a light water vapor will be emitted from the device while vaporized nicotine is delivered to the smoker as with a normal cigarette. At the same time, usually there is a red LED on the end of the device that lights up. This is to simulate the look of the red light at the end of a real cigarette that comes on when a puff is taken.

While the health benefits of e cigarettes over traditional smoking have not been proven in a controlled randomized study yet, there are many reasons to believe that they still exist. There are a variety of toxic materials released from burning regular cigarettes such as tar and carbon monoxide, in addition to the nicotine. While nicotine is the most addictive component, it is not believed to be nearly as harmful or carcinogenic as the other chemicals in normal cigarette smoke. With electronic cigarettes one basically inhales nicotine without all the other chemicals.

Since most people smoke because of the nicotine addiction, the alternative of the e cigarette should be able to get people off of smoking similar to the workings of nicotine patches and gums. In fact, there are many people who claim to have quit smoking permanently due to the benefits of electronic cigarettes. To further help people reduce their cravings, one can take e liquids with varying nicotine doses to gradually ween oneself down over time. To those who just like the feel of smoking a cigarette, there are even liquids with no nicotine in them.

There are other benefits to forgoing regular cigarettes in favor of e cigarettes as well. One of the most important is cost. A pack of cigarettes is not cheap any more in most western countries. Between the brunt of drastic sin taxes imposed on smoking and increased prices to help tobacco companies recover from the cost of litigation, prices have increased dramatically the past few decades.

In contrast, the eliquid replacement cartridges for e cigarettes bear none of these burdens. It is estimated that the equivalent cost of smoking with an e cigarette can be as much as seven times cheaper versus a normal cigarette. That is a huge financial incentive to making the switch away from traditional tobacco.

Electronic cigarettes are clearly the wave of the future when it comes to smoking. For the first time in years, many tobacco smokers have the hope of quitting and can still look cool smoking when out in public. Not only will their health benefit, but they should also have a lot of extra cash leftover as they are no longer purchasing expensive tobacco cigarettes. If you are a smoker, consider trying e cigarettes today.